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My first blog

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Who are you and where can we find your work?

Well, let me introduce myself to you guys, who am I and where I’m from. My name is James. Now I am based in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m just a guy who has passionate about photography. I have been taking a photo for 4 years, but become seriously around 2 years ago. It began when my friend and I went to Osaka for a vacation. After that, my friend told me to start an Instagram to put all the photos that I took. If you guys want to see my work, you can find my work at @jmspht. All my work is taken and edited by me.

What tips can you give for someone trying to replicate your style?

You know what? Many people always asked me about tips on how to take a good photo. First, I want to say that I still need to improve a lot of things. However, I always have 3 words to answer this question: Perspective, Patience, Practice or I call it 3Ps. Let me show you the meaning of it.

1. Perspective – everyone has their own's style to see things, even for me and my friend go to the same place to take a photo, but the result is never the same. So, find your style and this will take some time to figure out.

2. Patience – every photo that you see on the internet, sometimes you never know the process behind the curtain: How long has the photographer been waiting for just a one-shot for perfect timing. How long has to wait for people to get out of the frame. Well, you never know If you never try.

3. Practice – I think this is the most important factor to improve your skills in everything in your life. To take a good photo is takes time not just one or two days, sometimes months, sometimes years. For me, just keep shooting because every time you shoot you always learns new things

Do you have any advice for someone trying to improve their travel images?

Yes, I do. The first thing you have to do is do some research where are you going and also check the weather. I think it is very important to find some references and places where do you want to visit. Sometimes there is more than one perspective that you can shoot just in one place. For me, I always find spots that I want to first and put it on Google map, so I can save my time to find the place that I want to visit.

Ps. One tip, do not forget to have a back-up and back-up plan again, because sometimes everything doesn’t go well like the way you think.

How can art be best enjoyed in Bangkok?

I believe art is everywhere around you, just how people see it. Everyone has their own perspective and visual so it is very hard for me to say how to enjoy art in Bangkok. However, as many people know that Bangkok is a capital city in Thailand, everything happens so quickly. Therefore, this is the charm of Bangkok. Every second that you blink your eyes, everything changes because Bangkok is very busy when you look around carefully you will find art around you.

What are your three favorite spots for photographs in Bangkok?

This is a very hard question to answer. Bangkok has so many places that I never get bored to visit. However, I think the place that I like the most is Chinatown, Temples, and of course Bangkok’s street. If you ask me why I never get bored? because there are many cultures just in one place: modern and ancient mix together.

What is your favorite local delicacy and where can this be enjoyed?

I would say in Chinatown, where you can find all the food there. I recommend going at night because more food shops are open at night time more than in the afternoon.

Where can we find real Bangkok?

I think you have to avoid the typical tourist place, instead of that keep walking around and visit some new places or ask some local people around you. Even I born in Bangkok I still do not know Bangkok very well. If you want to know what real Bangkok does not make a strict plan like you are on a one-day trip with an agency tour group, just make a flexible plan and trust your instinct.

What local customs and cultures should travelers be aware of?

When I travel or visit some new places. The first thing I will search on google is their culture. This is very important for everyone to know before what to do and not to do. Every country has its own culture. Also, Thailand, most Thais do not like other people to play their heads and point the finger in their face.

Where is your favorite area for nightlife?

Now this answer is easy to answer. I think it everywhere for me. Bangkok has so many nightlife here. You can go out and experiences whatever you want: club, bar, night-market, or street food. For me, of course, I like to go out and take photos at night.

What one tip would you give to someone travelling to Bangkok?

When you come to Thailand the first thing you should not forget is a camera and when you go outside always bring your camera with you. You don’t know what you will find when you walking during the day. Especially, when you go out to a new place that you have not been there before, remember always bring a camera with you. Even you point your camera to a random thing and click the shutter, that means you already learn something new.

Are there any under the radar festivals, public holidays, etc. that you would recommend as a good time to visit?

There are so many festivals in Bangkok. I really recommend Songkran festival. It a festival when you allowed splashing water to other people without getting mad. Why because of it a Thai’s New year, April 13-15 of the year. So, if you do not have any plan to go somewhere else. I dare you to come here and experience this festival on your own.

Where and how is it best to engage with locals?

Respect for each other. If you don't want other people to do something bad to you then don't do it to them first.

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