• James

My first blog

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Cr. @lightbeer23

Who are you and where can we find your work?

Well, let me introduce myself to you guys, who am I and where I’m from. My name is James. Now I am based in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m just a guy who has passionate about photography. I have been taking a photo for 4 years, but become seriously around 2 years ago. It began when my friend and I went to Osaka for a vacation. After that, my friend told me to start an Instagram to put all the photos that I took. If you guys want to see my work, you can find my work at @jmspht. All my work is taken and edited by me.

What tips can you give for someone trying to replicate your style?

You know what? Many people always asked me about tips on how to take a good photo. First, I want to say that I still need to improve a lot of things. However, I always have 3 words to answer this question: Perspective, Patience, Practice or I call it 3Ps. Let me show you the meaning of it.

1. Perspective – everyone has their own's style to see things, even for me and my friend go to the same place to take a photo, but the result is never the same. So, find your style and this will take some time to figure out.